Binder, silica or ordinary sand, the best for your cat?

Maybe you have doubts when choosing the best type of litter for your cat. There are different options on the market, you can even choose common sand to fill your pet’s sandbox. The important thing is to keep in mind that it absorbs urine well, neutralizes the odor and even prevents infections.

Types of litter for your cat

If you already have a cat, you will know why sand is necessary, whether it is common, binder or silica, the three most common types that are usually used. The litter box is the place that your cat will use inside the house to relieve itself, both urine and stools. Therefore, it must be a hygienic place, both for him and for you.

Binder, silica or ordinary sand, which is more suitable for your cat?  two

The clumping sand, recently on the market, It is a type of artificial sand made with clay minerals, with great absorption power and very easy to clean. In addition, it lasts longer than other types of sand, since only this part is compacted and removed. Another of its advantages is that it does not generate the classic dust cloud of conventional sand. Although it is not usually common, it can lead to allergic reactions. If you have just changed the type of litter, keep an eye on your cat for the first few days.

For its part, silica sand Mix quartz with baking soda and it is very good at neutralizing odor and absorbing well. The main difference with the binder is that it does not have to be changed frequently (if we buy a good quality one), so it can spread more. It also does not give off dust. However, the fact that the urine has absorbed into the grains of silica sand instead of forming lumps and being removed leaving the sandbox cleaner, as is the case with the binder, is something that sometimes the animal may not like.

Finally, the common sand it is the most economical of the three and is most similar to silica sand. It is the most environmentally friendly and, as with the previous type, we cannot eliminate urine without changing it completely, but it is camouflaged by being completely absorbed. That does release a lot of dust when changing the sandbox, you have to be very careful when doing it.

Which is better? Tastes, type of cleaning, price and comfort, to suit the diner. Ideally, after having this information on the table, observe the behavior of your cat when you have decided on one. The first day may not adapt well to change. It is normal. Give him some time to see if he’s comfortable in it and if he doesn’t go for another type. The three arenas are good for him, in the end it depends on taste.