Benefits of chamomile for the skin

It hurts your belly? Take one chamomile. Surely you have consumed this plant many times as an infusion for your stomach pains but what you do not know is that, in addition to that property, chamomile helps us to improve digestion, strengthen defenses, fight respiratory infections, reduce stress, reconcile the floor and… take care of our skin, are you surprised?

Chamomile is one of the plants with the most medicinal properties and in particular with great benefits for the skin. It is very good for cleaning, toning, smoothing, restoring the balance of inflamed skin, diminishing the appearance of pores and marked veins that appear near the eye area.

Its anti-inflammatory power will help us alleviate skin irritations caused by creams or burns by acting as a natural analgesic, helping to refresh the area and prevent infections. In this sense, it will also help us to reduce dark circles and bags and reduce inflammation and relax the face to look more rested. For its application, we simply have to immerse a tea bag in hot water and let it cool to later place it on the skin.

Chamomile is also good for fighting small pimples or acne due to its antiseptic properties and its antibacterial power makes it very good to cleanse the skin in depth.

In the event that we use this plant as a tonic, our advice is to do it with the herbs directly, preparing it as if you were going to take it. Once cold, you can apply it on the face.

Mercadona chamomile infusion

Chamomile for skin blemishes

This herb is also used in shampoos. On the one hand, to combat dandruff, since it controls the oil produced by the scalp and, on the other hand, to lighten the color of the hair, therefore, in this sense, if we apply it on the face it will help us to eliminate the Skin blemishes.

With age, our skin darkens and the dreaded spots appear. To fight against it we can apply a mask based on chamomile and honey. To do this, we have to pour 4 spoons of dried chamomile flowers over boiling water and leave it for 10 minutes on fire. After that time, we remove it and let it cool. Strain the infusion and add the honey and a few drops of rose water. We mix all the ingredients and we will have our clarifying mask ready.

Leave the mask to act for 15 minutes and after that time, remove it with plenty of warm water.