Bed bugs: how to prevent and eliminate them in summer

The Bedbugs are the third most common pest in Spain, behind termites and cockroaches. Finding bed bugs at home or in the hotel is more common than we imagine and they can turn into a real nightmare, due to how irritating they can be. bites Yet the difficulty of eliminating them.

Bed bugs are from dark red-brown color and oval and flattened body, they usually put between 200 and 500 eggs in just 2 months and its presence is greater in times of heat. With the arrival of summer and the reopening of tourist activities after the months of confinement by COVID-19, it is normal that we observe a increase in cases of bed bugs, mainly in residences of people who have recently traveled or in hotel establishments.

The multinational specialized in pest control and environmental hygiene Rentokil Initial has prepared a series of recommendations to prevent the presence of bed bugs or, at least, ensure their early detection:

  • Identify the existence of bites

The first obvious sign of infestation is usually the bites they make to feed in the hours before dawn. These bites usually appear in a line or row across an exposed area, are generally small, and are red, swollen, and itchy. Stings usually occur on the neck, hands, arms, or legs, and although they do not transmit disease, some people may have allergic reactions

  • Examine the mattress and the furniture next to the bed

such as headboards or bedside tables, as there are usually hidden bed bugs waiting to feed. Carpets, the inside of sockets and small cracks and crevices are also often used as a refuge for these insects, approximately 4-5 mm long. Dark spots are often found on the mattress and its surroundings, from bed bug excretions. It is also very likely that there are dark spots or blood stains on the bedding after the bites or small remains of the bed bug skins – similar to an exoskeleton – from the molts.

  • Check clothes and suitcases

Bed bugs and their eggs often come into contact with clothing and luggage. As they do not have wings, these elements serve as a means of transport to reach new spaces and colonize them. Sometimes an unpleasant sweet smell reveals the existence of bed bugs in luggage or other closed spaces. It is recommended, when returning from a trip, to check the luggage very well before leaving the suitcases in place and to wash the clothes at 60º.

Are there bed bugs in your bed?  How to identify and eliminate them?

The treatment

If the presence of a bed bug infestation has already been detected, it is essential keep calm and call on control professionals of pests to make a correct diagnosis of the infestation, identify the sources of infection and the most effective treatment.

Unlike other common pests, resorting to home methods to eliminate bed bugs is not effective. Bed bugs usually live from 50 days to a year, sometimes without feeding, so they are highly resistant to adverse environmental conditions. Having a company specialized in pest control will always be the most recommended.