Become a real florist with these workshops in Madrid

You may not know it anyway and you have a special hand for flowers. And we are not referring to how well you can take care of your terrace or garden, but to make compositions and flower arrangements to surprise on a special occasion or for the simple fact of having a fun time with an activity other than relaxing for the soul between petals and leaves.

So, if you want to be a florist for a day, we have the perfect workshops in Madrid for you to make it happen.

Sally hambleton

Sally’s story is one of those that begins almost by chance. That of a florist who worked for a decade at the Stock Exchange before becoming a florist and decided, when she was fired, forget about numbers to pursue your true passion. Today she is one of the most reputed and admired florists in the capital, so she can be proud of the decision she made years ago. She knows it and defends that she is immensely happy among flowers.

And precisely, to spread that happiness that the world of flowers gives her, Sally shares her enthusiasm and her knowledge in workshops, both in person and in person. on-line.

There is no better plan to go through a couple of hours with this flower artisan and learn to make neat centerpieces with English techniques (Sally’s family roots), flower arrangements or tricks to better care for your plants and flowers at home. It also has a surprising workshop for those interested in decorating events, weddings and ceremonies of all kinds. But to sign up for this course it is necessary to have some previous experience in the matter.

Flower workshops in Madrid

Loretan Blai

His Name, in Basque, could be translated as dipped in flowers. “A metaphor for the work that we carry out in an artisanal way every day”, these florists assure those who come to them as children, by their family, that of being surrounded by flowers.

For them it is not about simple bouquets or baskets with plant and natural elements. They are authentic works of art and they want to transmit that same spirit to all those who participate in the courses they organize.

So, if you are interested in learning more about Loretan Blai’s work and discovering her floral secrets, request information on the web to find out about the workshops they prepare each season.

Flower workshops in Madrid

Margarita is called my love

We are not referring to the famous martial song of Julio Salgado Alegre, but to a floral space located on Fernando VI street. A project started 25 years ago by the Almeria florist Tina Rubio when he landed in Madrid with the flowers of his family, producers of flowers and ornamental plants.

Now, Margarita is called my love (@margaritamiamor) is a reference florist in Madrid which also offers all kinds of courses for you to show your creativity with your hands in the form of bouquets or centers.

Flower workshops in Madrid