Bathrobe or towel? What is better for the elderly?

There are people who only use towels, others who cannot live without their bathrobe and there are those who combine both pieces when drying. As is evident, in the taste and preferences of each one is the crux of the question, since, after all, it is an action that we do every day: dry ourselves.

However, they can be found advantages and disadvantages to use one garment or another, especially if we consider which one may be better at old people. Likewise, for both towels and bathrobes, it will be very important to wash them regularly so that they do not harbor germs that can cause health problems.

Comfort Vs. Rush

In the event that you have little time to shower, towels are the most used items, since they allow to handle them quickly and dry the body in a matter of minutes. In addition, as we will not have time for any other personal care, they are the best way to carry out drying. Of course, taking care of them and choosing models that have good quality it will be essential for the care of the skin of the elderly.

In this case, we must opt ​​for those models that with a simple pass all the moisture that the body has adheres. And of course we will have to pay close attention to a correct care of the same, as well as in a suitable drying once they have been used in order not to acquire bacteria or begin to smell musty.

Towels, sheets, kitchen towels ... How often do you have to wash them?

On the other hand, if you have more time, the use of the bathrobe could be classified as nicer, since it dries almost the whole body at the same time and while other tasks dedicated to personal care can be carried out, such as your hydration through creams.

Obviously, the same thing that we have stated that is suitable for cleaning and drying in the case of towels, can be said of bathrobes. Also, the material with which they are made will also be something to take into account.

Advantages of bathrobes

Since the use of towels is much more common, let’s move on to write down the advantages of using a bathrobe, since it is a garment that can be very useful to the elderly for various reasons. Probably the most important of all is that it “gets less cold” than when drying is done with a towel. Once you get out of the bath or shower, you just have to put on the bathrobe avoiding leaving parts of the body in the air and that for this reason you begin to feel an uncomfortable coldness.

Bathrobe or towel?  What is better for the elderly?

In addition, the skin will dry evenly, without the need to scrub in some areas to eliminate the drops of water that run through the body. But this is not the only benefit of wearing a bathrobe.

  • When adapting to the body – take care to always acquire the right size – it is very comfortable, either to use it at home or even when going to a public pool to practice swimming or any other water sport. It is precisely in these areas where a good bathrobe can prevent a chill when changing rooms. In fact, for both the elderly and children it is the best way to dry the body without exposing themselves to added danger.
  • It is much more comfortable in the event of a situation in which you have to leave the bathroom and go out to other rooms of the house.
  • In fact, it can even be used for a time when you feel cold and act as a dressing gown. In this case, of course, it will have to be washed later, so that when you go to dry after a bath, it is completely clean.
  • It goes without saying that, like towels, a bathrobe can be perfectly combined with the bathroom decor and that there are models that stand out for their design.
Bathrobe or towel?  What is better for the elderly?

Choosing a bathrobe (and towel)

When choosing a bathrobe, several aspects must be taken into account, which we will summarize below:

  • Weight is important because the more it has, the more water it will absorb. So it should weigh at least 400 grams if it is 100% cotton. Precisely this material is the best to dry the skin since it is very absorbent and also soft for older skin.
  • If possible, try to make your bathrobe have pockets (and if they are large, the better) since you can put the products that you are going to use in your personal care in case you need them.
  • It is also recommended that you have double seam so that with time and humidity it does not spoil after a few uses.