Basic tips to start working marquetry

From the headboard of a bed, to an innovative wooden top that serves to give another air to an old table, or that serves as a base to make a perfect jewelry box to give away … they are many possibilities offered by marquetry, a craft technique that shapes wood and also uses small pieces left over from other jobs.

The marquetry is a trade which can become an excellent and profitable hobby that develops creativity and skill in manual tasks

marquetry: how to get started (Bigstock)

The keys to start doing marquetry work

If you fancy the idea, it doesn’t hurt to inform yourself, first of all, about the most suitable types of wood for marquetry works. It is also convenient to know what the basic techniques to be able to carry out the different designs you have in mind.

The marquetry offers two possible modes of work: join different pieces of wood O well embed them in a single common structure once joined. In addition, there are a multitude of decorative techniques that serve to complete this work, from incorporating small pieces of various materials, to creating mini wood carvings that can put the finishing touch to any creation. The combinations that you can make playing with different types of wood of different shades are countless and therein lies the art of each person who is faced with doing a job of these characteristics.

Basic material

In addition to the basic knowledge about wood and the artisanal techniques of marquetry, you need a minimum basic material that allows you to start. A saw ideal, with its own characteristics for this type of work and that allows you clean and precise cuts, it is an essential part, as well as having wood glue that allows you to assemble the different pieces as they acquire the shape you want.

If you start in this centenary art, you should also be clear that any idea you have in mind requires a previous sketch in which you can design in detail each of the wooden pieces that will be part of that collage which is marquetry.

Also keep in mind that this is laborious work. Many pieces of wood will require sanding pre-treatments to obtain just the form that your work requires. It also has the drying times between glued pieces that you will later incorporate into the common structure.

You can create a multitude of works and objects as practical as decorative But remember that marquetry is a craft that requires time, skill and dedication. Here the rush is over.