Bad smells in the home? Find out where they hide

There are bad smells whose origin is obvious and therefore the solution is more than simple, but sometimes, it is easy to detect a ‘strange’ aroma, which you do not finish identifying and you do not know where it originates. Air fresheners are effective in these cases, as well as some other trick based on natural elements such as flowers, plants or foods with an intense aroma, such as lemon, which serve to neutralize that subtle smell, which persists no matter how much you clean and ventilate the different rooms. What to do in these cases?

Logically, the first suspicious focus cannot be other than garbage, whose bag must be removed as often as possible and as soon as possible in the case of storing organic waste inside. If despite doing so, the bad smell seems to never go away, check that the problem is not in a bucket that may need to be renewed.

pipes and drains can be the cause of bad odors in the home

Water and humidity

Water that can remain stagnant somewhere in the house, not always visible, is sometimes the source of the problem. Check that the unpleasant aroma is not coming from pipelines and drains, because even if you see that the water runs smoothly in your sink, maybe there is some internal obstruction due to food remains that is causing the bad smell. A plunger, in obvious cases, or a specific product to keep the pipes in good condition, can be the simple solution. A magnificent home remedy is to apply, every so often, a tablespoon of bicarbonate and a good jet of vinegar directly into the drain as a preventive measure. Let it work for a few minutes and turn on the tap so that the water does the rest.

Especially after days of rain, make sure there is no point where it could have stay accumulated and is causing a leak. Basements, roofs, patios, garages. Water can not only end up damaging the internal structure of your house to some extent, but also cause the strange smell. Moisture stains must be addressed as soon as possible. especially if they have mold.

Also be careful with storing in closets clothes that are not completely dry, especially thick and bulky items such as bedding or towels. If the wet folds can end up giving off a particular and not very pleasant smell.

In the kitchen

In that meticulous scrutiny throughout the house to try to unmask the origin of the bad smell, put special care in this room because in addition to the drains and the garbage can there are other points that require revision.

If they have not been properly maintained, the ‘innocents’ home appliances they can hide more than one surprise. Check the eraser from the door of the washing machine and also the drawer where you add the soap and fabric softener because dirt can accumulate at these points. The dishwasher filter is another one of the places where it can stay without you noticing. Check that the extractor hood it works (and sucks) correctly and that nothing obstructs the smoke outlet. Also, don’t forget to change the filter as often as possible because it contains fats and odors. Potatoes, garlic, onions, apples … frequently inspect the fruit bowl and the greengrocer, because a small mistake in the form of a rotten potato can leave a really unpleasant smell in the kitchen (it will also ‘infect’ the rest of the food). The same goes for the fridge. If a product has gone bad, you know what to do.

cloths and rags can hide bad odors

The most ‘elusive’

These are some possible sources but there are more and some really difficult to discover. If you have one mascotSure, you take perfect care of their hygiene but it is easy to forget to maintain due care regarding everything that is in contact with the animal. Feeders, drinking bowls, blankets or beds for dogs and cats, even their toys, especially if they are cloth or rubber chews, can accumulate bacteria and also smell quite bad.

The shoes, especially if we talk about Sports shoes They are also a focus to watch out for because even though a prudent time has passed since their use, keeping them in a closed cupboard is not the most advisable. Even so, if there is no other choice for space reasons, applying talcum powder inside, before placing them on the corresponding shelf, is a good measure so that there is no residual moisture and sweat and thus prevent the appearance of unwanted odors. Place in cabinets flower bags or aromatic herbs such as lavender, it will help you achieve your goal

Finally, remember to also renew those instruments that you use in daily cleaning, especially those that are used when damp or wet, such as cloths, rags, scouring pads or mops because sometimes they are the source of that bad smell that does not disappear despite putting into practice all the hygiene measures at your fingertips.

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