At what temperature should you put your fridge and freezer in summer?

The summer heat has arrived and the forecasts are that it has made it to stay for many weeks, so it is necessary that our fridge and freezer are in perfect condition and guarantee the correct conservation of the food it contains.

Food stored in the refrigerator (bigstock)

Although it is summer, the refrigerator must maintain its temperature thus guaranteeing the perfect state of food Besides the absence of bacteria that thrive in heat and could be the focus of a possible food poisoning.

For what to Fridge It is concerned, its temperature should not exceed 4.5 degrees at any time to be sure that bacteria will not make an appearance. In summer it is necessary to raise the level of cooling and for this the ideal is to maintain the temperature of the appliance between 1.7 and 3.3 degrees, near the limit of freezing but without reaching it.


With respect to freezer, its temperature should not rise above 15 or 20 degrees below zeroAlthough the ideal is to place it, if possible, at 25 degrees below zero. It is important to keep in mind that although it is recommended that the meat is kept at minus 18, in the case of fish it is recommended to keep it at 20 degrees below zero.

Another aspect to consider is number of stars our freezer has. A star It implies that its temperature reaches 6 degrees below zero and preserves the food for a few hours. With two stars it reaches 12 below zero and can freeze the food for three or four days. And if you have three stars it reaches minus 18 degrees and can keep food frozen for months.