Aspects to consider if you are going to cook in a clay pot

Recover the flavors of yesteryear that they like so much. This may be one of the reasons to use a clay pot when preparing a recipe. However, before putting on your apron and arranging the ingredients for each dish, it is advisable to take into account some aspects of cooking with this one. traditional kitchen utensil. And today, from 65y more, we show them to you.

A classic technique in the kitchen

The clay casserole is ideal if you want to prepare with all the care and time in the world stews, stews or dishes where vegetables are the protagonist in two or three hours of preparation. And it is that, thanks to this container the heat is distributed from uniform and homogeneous way so that the dish is done little by little. In addition to that, preparing a recipe in a clay pot is much healthier since neither fat nor oil is needed. But it is also advisable if you prepare a dry recipe such as a suckling pig, a lamb or rice dishes.

And it is that, with only some water and broth As a base, it is more than enough to prepare a great dish and surprise the guests who come to eat at your house that day. As if that were not enough, since the cooking is slow (think they are like about 15 more minutes than if a conventional container were used) and it is done with the lid on, this makes the nutrients of the food stay much better. That is, the end result will be a lot tastier and more tender.

Aspects to consider if you are going to cook in a clay pot

Another advantage of clay pots is their porosity, in addition to the fact that its materials allow steam to escape so that inside it the degree of humidity necessary for the food to be made better is maintained.

If this is the first time you use it …

Of course, in this case it is good that you know that to get the most out of your neighborhood casserole the best thing is do not use it on induction hobs (They could crack) and yes, reserve it for the oven, gas hobs or vitroceramics. In the latter case it is also good to use a kind of metal support between the surface where it is cooked and the container so that both are not damaged when in contact. In addition, it is best to use fires that have a larger diameter than that of the casserole that is going to be used in this case.

Tips to which you should add some more prior, especially when using this container for the first time. Especially if what you want is improve your performance:

  • Primary rule, cure before use. That is, closing the pores of mud that are still open to prevent it from even breaking or exploding the first time. In this case what is done is let it soak for at least eight hours and then with a sponge remove the rest of the dust. A couple of home remedies recommend rubbing half a clove of garlic along the outer base of the pan or filling it with water with a few pieces of peeled potato and heating it to about 150ºC. The latter is also effective for the container to lose the earthy flavor so characteristic of the material from which it is made.
  • It is important to heat the casserole little by little so that the heat goes gradually rising.
  • It is dangerous, since it could crack, place the container directly on the fire without any food inside or with it too cold or even frozen. The sudden shock of temperatures could be fatal.
  • And once the plate is almost completely done it is good to remove the heat and let it finish with the residual temperature that remains and remains in the mud.

Finally, when you bring this type of container to the table, it is advisable to put a trivet underneath to avoid burning the table or tablecloth. In addition, as it is fully heated you have to be especially careful when handling it since both the handles and the lid will burn if you want to take it completely carefree.

Aspects to consider if you are going to cook in a clay pot

Now as a final tip, don’t scrub it until it has not cooled down completely and always wash it without using scouring pads or metal cloths as they could damage the surface. Nor is it advisable to use detergents or any other type of dish soap; There may be certain remains or substances that can transfer this unpleasant aroma to the food that is subsequently cooked. The best thing then is to use the baking soda to leave the mud shiny and without a trace of bad odors.

After this step dries properly and is stored with the lid turned upside down. In addition to this gesture, you should place a cloth or a napkin between the pot and the latter to prevent air from entering and mold from appearing.