Are you using the oven programs well ?: the best function for each recipe

The oven It is one of the essential tools of any kitchen, because not only does it allow us to use less fat to prepare our recipes, which also benefits our health, but it also preserves the nutrients of the food, enhances the flavor of the same, does not require too much our attention and, in addition, it is much easier to clean. For these and many other reasons, the oven has held a privileged position in our home for years.

Due to this popularity, there are many models and varieties that inhabit the market and that offer different functions to the user, who must know them thoroughly to acquire the oven that best suits their culinary needs. There are many things, however, that we do not know about our oven. Knowing how to use each of its functions can be key to getting the most out of your appliance. Both Bosch how The confidential help to decipher the most common symbols that appear on our ovens:


Are you using the oven programs well the best

It is the best way to provide constant heat with which the pieces of food defrost quickly and gradually. In this way the food is defrosted properly. When you need to defrost your food, without a doubt this function offers you speed and simplicity.

Top grill

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Allows you to adjust 3 levels of heating. For grilling flat pieces, such as steaks, sausages or toast; and also for gratin. The entire surface below the grill element heats up.

Soft top grill

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This oven function is the best way to cook with a touch of grill without such direct heat. So a much slower and less aggressive cooking is achieved. So it is the perfect function to cook meat and fish in their juice.

Grill with fan

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This is one of the functions of the fan oven that offers direct heat together with a circulation of hot air provided by that ventilation. It is perfect for roasting all kinds of meat and fish of great volume, as it achieves a uniform cooking.

Bottom heat

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Thanks to this function it is possible to maintain the perfect constant heat to melt food. The effect that is achieved is very similar to that of a water bath. It can also be used to make stews over low heat.

In the same way, this program is very useful to give a better finish underneath what we have cooked and placed according to the height, so that the roast is not unbalanced, it can be used to get crunchy bases in sweets and pizzas.

Bottom and top heat

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For baking and roasting on one level in the traditional way. Especially suitable for cakes with a juicy coating. The heat comes evenly from the upper and lower heating elements.

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This oven icon is used to turn on the upper and lower heating elements but with the difference of combining the heat with the fan located on the back. For optimal cooking on one level, with minimal energy consumption. The fan distributes the heat evenly throughout the interior of the oven. It is perfect for the preparation of sweets and pastries, deep-frozen products, roasts and fish.

hob oven

Differences between conventional and convection oven

The conventional oven It works with hot air that radiates through an electrical resistance or by burning some type of fuel, usually gas. This system makes the food cook more or less depending on where they are placed, the top rack being the most effective in this regard.

The model we have been using for several decades can be electric or gas. The first works with a thermostat that turns the heating elements on and off to maintain a constant temperature. On the other hand, the gas oven includes different brands that determine the amount of fuel you want to use to cook food.

However, in recent years a new model has emerged that has managed to convince consumers due to its many advantages. In fact, some of the most influential chefs in the industry have them on their premises. Have you heard of convection ovens? This one works thanks to a fan that distributes heat evenly, this being one of its main virtues, since food is cooked regardless of where it is located and without burning.

In addition, it works much faster than the rest of the copies, you can introduce frozen products without fear of being raw and you can even make it act like a conventional oven by disconnecting the fan.

Of course, it also has its drawbacks. The most notable is its price in the market, much higher than that of conventional ovens, due to its incredible performance. And we cannot forget its enormous size either, only suitable for large kitchens with lots of free space.