Are you thinking of changing dishes? Follow these tips to choose the ideal one

Choosing a tableware Today it is much more complex than in the past, where there was not so much variety, models, designs and materials. If the time has come to renew it, you will have to have some considerations before choosing the most appropriate for your home, always according to the use you want to give it, your economy and tastes, and you can even take into account how the kitchen or living room decoration is, depending on where you usually eat.


The material is one of the initial aspects that you have to look at. Although this question depends on individual preferences also to a great extent, analyzing the properties of each one can help us in our choice.

  • We have them made of porcelain, which are usually very elegant and reserved for special occasions. The only thing is that its cost is higher. Conversely, those made of clay are coarser and heavier and although they are more resistant, we hardly find tableware with this material.
  • The glass ones last a long time as it is a hard option, but you have to bear in mind that if they are transparent it is possible that the scratches will be appreciated earlier.
  • Earthenware is the most used material in tableware. It is also very strong and being the one that is most often used, it offers a wide variety of designs. In addition, we can keep it for a long time, the only thing that over the years tends to scratch and have an aged appearance.
Good use of the dishwasher


The parts you need It is another of the things that you should value and their sizes. Depending on the number of dishes it contains, the price may vary if we buy a pack full. Although as an alternative you can purchase each item individually, and thus add a cup of coffee or for breakfast or another complement. You should also take into account salad bowls or bowls for soups or creams, among others.


Ideally, choose colors that are in tune with the prevailing tones in our kitchen or in any case with the dining room or living room if that is where we are going to use it. While in terms of shapes, the classic ones are rounded, which in general are the most practical even for washing in the dishwasher, but you can dare with new designs if you want to get out of the conventional. Although in these cases you should take into account the space you have for storing it and how large the table is where you eat or usually prepare special meals.