Are you looking for the best places to have a snack in Barcelona? We’ve got them

There is no city worth its salt today that does not have charming hospitality establishments decorated with great detail and where they offer the best products to enjoy a pleasant snack. And Barcelona was not going to be less.

Then we go on a gastronomic route in the middle of the afternoon between coffees, delicious natural juices, infusions and all kinds of cakes, cakes and proposals also for lovers of salty. Enjoy this tour that enters through the eyes.

Comet Coffee

Danish-inspired Nordic decor is felt in this small cafe located in the center of San Antoni, at number 20 Carrer del Parlament. The neighbors more hipsters from the area they know of their good work on the other side of the Comet Coffee and that is why they are never lacking in search of a delicious and healthy juice, a house lemonade or an infusion to accompany a delicious cake.

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in one of the most fashionable areas of the Catalan capital.

The best places to have a snack in Barcelona

Brunch & Cake

In the middle of the afternoon, not everything will be sweet temptations. On Brunch & Cake they know it and in addition to their culinary wonders in the form of cake and cupcakes, to accompany your rich 100% organic coffeeThey offer a variety of sandwiches for lovers of the most salty touch.

And they carry out everything, as they say, with a very do things by hand, with love and «over low heat». And, having the best ingredients, all of them locally, nothing can go wrong. And it seems that the formula works for them, since They have several branches in Barcelona.

The best places to have a snack in Barcelona

Nabucco Tiramisu

Is there room for one more snack? If the answer is affirmative, we go to another proposal based on the philosophy of slow food that permeates all the dishes that come out of the creative mind of its two Italian owners. It couldn’t be less with him Name of this place. It is ideal to go with your grandchildren, in the heart of the Gracia neighborhood, and spend a wonderful afternoon with cakes, juices and, how could it be otherwise, their delicious homemade tiramisu with all the essence of Italy.

The best places to have a snack in Barcelona