Are you addicted to water? Dangers of being a colic

The benefits of good hydration are many and well known. Therefore, drinking the necessary water according to our age, sex and physical condition is a necessary element to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this way, water gives us, among other things, the necessary hydration to eliminate toxins, improve our memory and concentration or avoid headaches. But, in addition, the consumption of water is also closely linked to weight loss diets or a good appearance of our skin thanks to being well hydrated. This can cause some people to exceed their daily water consumption, turning their consumption into an obsession that can have very harmful side effects for health. (In addition to the possibility of suffering from a disease known as hyponatremia). These people are agualcolic, that is, addicted to drinking excessively and compulsively, which in the medical field is known as potomania.

And it is that what begins as a healthy habit, soon results in that “they cannot do without regular sips of water and they feel panic if they do not do it even in short periods of time”, explains the journalist specialized in health Mandy Francis in the Daily Mail.

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Symptoms of a water addict

  • Binge drinking excessive amounts of fluids (mainly water).
  • Water intake becomes an obsession and, in extreme cases, an addict can drink up to 10 liters of water a day.
  • You do not need to be thirsty to drink, but you drink compulsively.
  • And if the situation of not being able to drink water occurs, you can suffer from panic attacks.

Consequences of being a colic

According to experts, there are three main consequences of drinking excess water, such as: insomnia (drinking large amounts of water, especially at the end of the day, can interrupt sleep), extreme sweating (By drinking more water than is needed, sweating is one of the ways the body tries to get rid of this excess) and, in the most severe cases, the water poisoning (By drinking a lot of water in a very short space of time, the kidneys cannot remove excess fluid from our body fast enough and our blood becomes more dilute than it should be with very low concentrations of salt). In addition, if excessive water intake becomes an obsession, problems begin to arise that can be detected by symptoms such as abdominal muscle distention, muscle cramps and tiredness, headache, nausea, general exhaustion and loss of mental alertness.

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Guidelines to detect if we drink too much water

In addition to controlling the glasses or bottles of water that we drink every day, we also it is important to look at the color of the urine. It should be light straw colored because if it is too light it is a sign of excess hydration. In this sense, it is convenient to question the myth that colorless urine is a sign of good health because it is false (urine must have a yellowish color even if it is very soft because if it is transparent it is a sign of having drunk too much water. that prevents the kidneys from working fast enough to expel urine from our body).

Another indicative that can help us see if we are going overboard with the water is control the number of times we urinate. The normal thing is to go to the bathroom between six and eight times a day. If it is ten or more or every quarter of an hour it is a bad sign.