Are there still record stores? Where can they be bought?

Although it may seem an anachronism, there are currently trecord or vinyl stores throughout the national geography. And it is that the famous LP has been on the rise for a few years. According to data from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), during 2017 they were sold in our country about 700,000 of these products, which represented an increase of 46% compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, from Promusicae (@Promusicaee), an association that represents the recording industry in Spain, vinyl sales increased by 53% During the first half of 2019, the year in which LPs worth 7.7 million euros were sold, compared to the same period in 2018, the year in which 5.1 million euros were billed. Based on these figures, LP accounts for 24% of the physical music market.

The recovery of plastic discs is a reality that has been produced by the interest of music lovers and nostalgics who continue to acquire this kind of item, even over the most modern CD. The stores where we can buy these revalued objects continue to exist and are holding up well thanks to this interest from the hobbyist consumer, in addition to the wide variety they offer and the singularities that we find in most of them. These are some examples.

The submachine gun (Madrid)

This store It is a Madrid classic. Its owners started selling vinyls in the 60’s on the Madrid trail. In the following decade, they opened their first physical stores on Gran Vía street and Peña Atalaya street. Finally in the 80s they moved to the Plaza de las Descalzas, which is where they are located today. They also have another business in Preciados. As indicated on their website in this establishment you can find all kinds of rarities, collectibles or discontinued items. In addition, they offer the possibility of selling and exchanging the material you have.

The Submachine Gun2

Killer’s Discos (Madrid)

Killer’s Disks It is also a benchmark in the city of Madrid, since have been in this world of music for more than thirty years. They are located on Calle Montera 28, an excellent location that has contributed to its fame. They have a large warehouse with jewels, rarities and unique items ideal for collectors. The store is divided into two floors where you can find all kinds of vinyl and films as well as others bargain items at very affordable prices such as books and objects related to the cinema or music in general.

Killer's Disks

Bajoelvolcán (Madrid)

Is music store It is also located in the center of Madrid, in the Lavapiés neighborhood, at 42 Ave María street. specialized in new and used vinyl, in addition to LPs and singles that encompass all styles and times. They stand out in soul, funk, jazz, rock’n’roll, beat, garage, psychedelia, folk, heavy, punk, among others. They also have a specialized bookstore in music, cinema and current narrative. They also buy vinyl of all kinds.

Where to buy old records (web bajoelvolcan)

Discocentro (Valencia)

Founded in 1978, it was the pioneer of vinyl sales in Valencia. Later it was expanded throughout the national geography. They are a real meeting point in this city. A few years ago they implanted a platform for buying and selling music, movies and video games with daily quotes. So it is allowed to get money for CDs, DVDs or Videogames that are not used and thus buy the latest news or any of more than 40,000 references available in this tool. They are located on Calle Ruzafa, 41.


Oldies Records (Valencia)

It is a trade specialized in collectible discs and vinyls in all formats, especially from the 60s. its sections dedicated to LPs Spanish where you can find all kinds of singularities. It also has a search system by prior request. At the same time they sell other items like music books, movie covers and comics.

The best-selling records in the history of music.  Vinyl Store

Discos Revolver (Barcelona)

It was opened in 1991. The musical experience is breathed in each one of the corners of this trade located in calle Tallers, 13 in Barcelona. This location is especially known in Barcelona for the number of shops in the sector that it congregates. Here in particular you can find LPs of all kinds of music, from indie, electronic, punk, grunge, heavy, postpunk, gothic, 80’s, oldies or rock’n’roll collections. They also have collections of national bands in which they are specialized.

Revolver Discs

Disco 100 (Barcelona)

Is a family business what began its journey in 1978. The first place they had was located at number 100 Escorial street, hence the name. They finally moved to number 33, which is where they are now. As indicated, their musical repertoire today supposes more than 120,000 references in stock that include CDs, Vinyls, DVDs and SACDs. There are sections with musical styles for all tastes such as rock, reggae, ska, orchestras, ballroom dancing, new age, soundtracks, Spanish and Catalan folklore, flamenco, etc.

  Disc 100