Are massage seats useful?

Known as massager seats (some have the range of armchairs) have a very clear function and that its own name indicates: to give us a massage while we are sitting resting.

Whether it is watching television, reading or simply watching the time go by, it is possible to operate these seats so that in the meantime they act on the back with the aim of relax and tone it, carrying out a series of predetermined movements that are designed to improve our state.

Therefore, on the face of it, these gadgets can be useful for anyone experiencing back discomfort. Of course, at no time should we think that they are capable of “replacing” professional masseurs who not only know how to do their job but also evaluate what are the most damaged areas to work on them. Thus, these seats can serve to relax the area and make us feel better, although their effectiveness will depend so much on the model quality as of a correct use that does not end up being counterproductive.

Relax armchairs

Benefits of massage seats

Before using these seats, look for a Comfortable place in which the body is in a correct position. Also, that site should be near an outlet because they generally work with electric power. As for the benefits it brings, they are the following:

  • Relief of accumulated tensions on the back and neck throughout the day or after spending too much time in one position.
  • Muscle toning It improves blood circulation, so that the body feels less congested.
  • Pain relief generated by pathologies in any area of ​​the back (lumbar, thoracic and cervical). In this case, the action of the massager seats should be supervised by a doctor who will be the one to say if the movements they perform are adequate to massage the area that, for example, is sore due to a herniated disc.
  • Sometimes their movements are made to regulate the lymphatic system.
  • Also, some models are designed to help people with fibromyalgia relieve their constant pain.

However, the main virtue of these devices is to achieve that the body relax And, therefore, rest, something that, as is known, is essential to have better health.

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Beware of the negative effects

As has been pointed out, the benefits of these devices are clear, but that does not mean that they are always recommended for anyone. What’s more, you have to have certain care when using them, as with any other therapeutic device, because not everyone reacts in the same way to the work they do.

  • By regulating blood circulation, the blood pressure decreases, which can affect those people who usually have this very low pressure.
  • If someone tends to suffer clotting problems In the blood, you should not use these massagers either, or at least not with high power, as they can cause bruising with the simple movement of their internal mechanisms.
  • The characteristics of the seat must be taken into account in terms of the weight it supports and the size of the user. There are those who have a kilos limit and if it is exceeded, it will not only spoil but it will also malfunction. Similarly, not all seats are prepared for everyone, since height is important to take into account. These products are designed to carry out a series of very specific movements in certain areas of the back and will not be the same for the lats as for the cervicals. If a person is very tall, there will be seats that do not work in the upper parts and that do it in an incorrect way in other middle zones.
Control for a massager seat

Choosing the massager seat

When choosing a good massager you have to take into account its value for money and some characteristics that will condition it. Of course, the first item to weigh is the movements and strength levels presented, since it will depend on whether it is more useful for our personal use. In addition, there are those that offer a shiatsu massage, others that are based on principles of chiropractic

In addition, the material from which it is made will also be important, since it is not the same as presenting synthetic fabrics than natural or leather. And that’s not to mention the comfort they offer thanks to the padding that incorporates.

Regarding its use, the devices themselves usually include some instructions for handling. As previously mentioned, the situation and problems of each one must be taken into account, so the use that is given to them will depend on their own needs. However, it will usually be sufficient to use them when the body is fatigued and they feel back discomfort or on the legs.