An incredible trick to wash clothes without fabric softener and make them fluffier

East trick What is essential when it comes to washing your clothes is, however, tremendously unknown.

A user from the group Facebook Hinch Amy Cleaning Tips has put in common with the rest of the group members a trick that is running like wildfire among users and that consists, neither more nor less than replace fabric softener with vinegar.

How many types of vinegar are there and how are they used?

Of course, it warns that it should always be used distilled white vinegar. With just one plug of this vinegar placed in the softener receptacle of the washing machine, the laundry will be, at the very least, the same as with the softener that has been used until now.

People in the Facebok group who have already tried the trick are delighted and do not stop posting glowing comments such as: “Amazing. My clothes have never smelled so good and clean. And my washing machine is shiny ”; «I was very skeptical but I’m very happy with the results ”,; or «I’m impressed how good my clothes and towels smell. «