Amazing ways to remove a sticker so that no trace remains

Removing an adhesive label from a bottle, for example, or a sticker can become an impossible mission either because there is no way to remove them or because when you get it there are traces of the glue that will end up getting dirty as well as being unpleasant to the touch. Therefore, It is necessary to completely remove both the paper and the adhesive and not leave any traces. Getting it can be much easier if we follow any of the following tips:

With water and soap

How to remove a sticker and leave no trace

With the hair dryer

How to remove a sticker and leave no trace

In cases where the boat or object from which we want to remove the sticker cannot be soaked, we can use heat (this is a good option to remove stickers from the car, for example). A hair dryer will suffice to heat the sticker for about 30 seconds. If it still does not come out easily, we will have to apply another 30 seconds of heat.

Baking soda and coconut oil

How to remove a sticker and leave no trace

It could not be missing in a list of tips with homemade solutions, the baking soda. In this case, we will mix a tablespoon of bicarbonate with one of oil (it can be of any type, such as coconut or olive) in a container until we get a paste. Then, We rub the area we want to clean with the mixture until it is completely covered. We let it rest for about 30 minutes so that the bicarbonate and oil act, softening the glue. And, to finish, we will only need to remove the mixture with a kitchen sponge.

With an eraser

How to remove a sticker and leave no trace

Another option that can go very well, especially to remove paper stickers such as barcodes or prices, is to use an eraser. And it is that liwhat we have to do is delete the part we want to delete and better if we do it with a resistant rubber.

With alcohol

How to remove a sticker and leave no trace

And finally, we can rub with a cloth soaked with alcohol where we want to remove the remains of a sticker, but first we must make sure that we do it on a surface that is not going to be damaged such as wood or plastic.

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