Alternatives to hang a picture without making holes

Have you been months without deciding where you are going to hang a picture? Sometimes it’s not about laziness, it’s about aesthetics: you can’t stand the holes left by nails.

Sometimes we don’t want to or can’t drive a nail into the wall, either because there is a concrete beam, a pipe, or simply because you don’t want to leave it all full of holes if you decide to move the box around or remove it. Don’t worry, there are several alternatives that we will try to explain to you to make this task easier and more effective.

Although it is true that there are some drills that make holes practically invisible, There are other systems that do not require a hole to be made, because we are not only talking about a wall, but it can also be tiles or any other type of object. Undoubtedly, different options, simple, easy and inexpensive to avoid having to drill or put nails that later leave annoying and unsightly holes.

Double sided tapes

It supports a reasonable weight and is very easy to use. To put it on, like any other system that has adhesive, it is advisable to clean the surface very well beforehand and let it dry.

Double sided tape


It is a very simple solution whose application is very similar to Velcro on clothing and supports a lot of weight. Adhesive solutions are recommended for the interior and not for the exterior, since high temperatures are not good for it.

Velcro strap

Adhesive nails

This option has models for tiles, panels, metal, wallpaper, wall, plasterboard or plaster. They support up to 2 kilos. To put it on it is similar to the previous option, it is enough to first stick an adhesive strip and paste on top what will act as a nail on which the object that we want to hang will go.

adhesive nail


Ideal for tiles, melamine and glass. This option is the simplest, although depending on the model, it does not hold as much weight.

Adhesive nails

Hangers and picture hangs

In this option we will have to make a hole, but they will be practically invisible. There are hangers with various ends depending on the weight we want it to support. This type of hanger can be single or double, depending on whether we want it to support 8 or 16 kilos.

Picture hanger

Special adhesives

They are pastes that dry when they come into contact with air and can be used to fix objects of all kinds to the wall. This solution, although it does not make holes, does leave some mark on the wall.

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