All the tricks to prepare Christmas decorations with felt

There are thousands of Christmas decorations that we can create with our own hands without having to spend large amounts of money. They are very well those made with felt, a material with which you can create all kinds of figures related to Christmas By an easy and fast way. If you like crafts, you can venture out and try to create your own ornaments alone or in the company of your grandchildren, who will surely enjoy sharing a different activity with their grandparents.

What is necessary

The versatility of felt allows us to all kinds of forms linked to these special dates: bells, stars, pine trees, socks, snowmen, walking sticks… The imagination has no limits. They are simple to make and the materials we need can be purchased without difficulty. We only need, in addition to the felt of different colors, cotton, sharp scissors, a needle and thread to sew the edges or figures and glue.

The advantage of felt is that it is a versatile material. It is a cloth or fabric in the form of sheets that gives it great permeability, which makes it a fairly resistant fabric, as well as light and easy to mold, being ideal for this type of activity. And as a singularity to highlight is that it is easy to dye.

Another of its benefits is that felt Christmas ornaments do not break, which does happen with some balls and other figures that every year we have to place with extreme delicacy on the tree to prevent them from falling and to avoid losing them forever. . Now with this idea you can make all kinds of balls that can also be hung and in addition to all the colors and sizes that we want.

Although at first it may be difficult if it is the first time you are doing this or you are not very skilled with the needle or thread, it is only a matter of practice. With the enthusiasm that you are going to put in right away you will achieve great results. To make the figures you can use different molds if you consider that those created by you are not of sufficient quality. You may search the internet for “molds to make felt figures” and thousands of them appear to you in addition to giving you ideas that surely had not even crossed your mind.


Felt Christmas tree decorations

Among the notable aspects of felt ornaments is that they are ideal to place on the Christmas tree that decorates our stay during these days. giving it a homey touch as well as more welcoming. Here the possibilities of shapes are endless.

Felt Christmas ornaments always consist of two pieces of the pattern we choose. A) Yes, if we are going to make a star we will have to draw two on the felt, and then sew both pieces. In the case of making a fir tree, we will also have to take the pattern and draw two fir trees on the felt that we will then sew, so that one will be the front and the other the back.

The usual thing is that these figures are given a little volume, although it is not always necessary. Everything will depend on what we are going to do. For this we will have to use cotton, which It has to be located between the two parts that we are going to sew and before proceeding to join them in this way. If it is more comfortable for us, we can start to sew them and when there is a comfortable hole to insert the cotton, do it at that time.

The result of adding this element is that the chosen shapes are more elegant and more voluminous, but this has a lot to do with the tastes of each person. The trick in these cases is that the cotton is well distributed to avoid that the piece is deformed, so in this process we must be somewhat patient.

Once we have sewn the two pieces we can decorate them with some other detail. If we have made a reindeer, its nose can be a button or we can also strain this element in the center of a star to give it a different touch. At the ends of a fir tree, at its tips, you can locate small buttons simulating balls… Any idea that occurs to us is welcome.

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As we have mentioned, the filling is not essential and the two parts of a mold can be sewn without placing anything between them. In any case, if later we are going to place them in the tree we will have to add a strip of fabric that we will sew in the center folded so it can be hung.

Sometimes it is possible to make figures with volume by cutting the felt as indicated by the mold so that it is rolled up on itself and sticking with a little glue. For example, if we want to make a Christmas tree in this way, we will have to cut several circular layers of different sizes and stick them on top of each other to set the shape of a fir tree. Inside it we can put a piece of brown felt as a trunk that we must have previously rolled and glued well so that it acquires a cylindrical shape.