Agility clubs to enjoy with your dog in Madrid

Your dog is overflowing with energy. He does not stop, in more colloquial words, and perhaps the time has come to find an activity for him to release adrenaline, in addition to reinforcing the bond that binds him to you. That’s what clubs are for agility: a sports modality in which your dog can participate in a circuit where you have to go over obstacles.

An activity that combines physical exercise with mental stimulation of your dog when he is asked to perform certain guidelines to complete that circuit and that can be done by any dog. With the exception of certain health contraindications and taking into account its limitations, it will be possible to work satisfactorily on the positive dog education. A routine that is used even for animals that need modify your behavior for being overly aggressive, fearful or have symptoms of stress.

What benefits will it bring to my dog?

Your dog does not need to be preparing to participate in a canine competition. This training can be done for the amusement of your own pet, while you reinforce the bond he has with you. Thus, thanks to these physical guidelines, your intelligence, ability to concentrate and agility are put to the test. And this will result in a motivated and happy dog.

Where can you go?

Some more than satisfactory healthy benefits that you can start to develop in the Agility the Princess Club, a space that is part of the La Princesa Canine Education Group, founded in 1991 in Alcorcón. It is the first group recognized by the RSCE (Royal Canine Society of Spain) and founded by Esteban Díaz, pioneer of this sport with dogs in our country.

Given the experience of its members, they have been collaborators for years in the organization of the national championships of agility in the Community of Madrid as part of the international dog shows that have taken place in Madrid.

«You and your dog can become one!» This is the motto that another of the clubs of agility in which we have noticed. The Club Agility Petercan is a center focused on dogs and guides who want to learn, enjoy, meet people and compete. Practical, enjoyable and fun classes to work on obedience, sociability, intelligence and the complicity between owner and dog. And all through the game. .

The behavior modification of dogs It is another of the objectives that are raised in these clubs of agility. As the training that takes place in FeelCan-Positive Training. A center founded to impart assisted therapies for dogs with aggression, stress or fear problems.

It even offers the possibility of starting to practice this modality since the dog is a puppy and they have home trainers that work behavioral disorders in your pet.