Advantages of the FEAM Friend of Museums card

The FEAM card is an accrediting document granted by the Spanish Federation of Friends of Museums (@FriendsofMuseums) and that, among other advantages, it offers the possibility of free access to some of the museums whose associations of Friends are part of the federation.

Holders of this card can also obtain discounts of between 5% and 10% on a wide variety of services, such as hotel stays, restaurant services, purchase of tickets for different shows, discounts at certain bookstores or even on the rental of a vehicle.

Who can apply for the FEAM card?

It is important to note that, in most cases, Only associations themselves can apply for this card, not individuals, unless you are a benefactor member of a certain museum.

Becoming a Friend of a museum that interests you especially is simple. Generally, you can enroll in these associations through the web pages from the institutions or, if you prefer, directly at the headquarters. The cost of becoming a collaborator and friend of an art gallery or museum implies pay an annual fee, whose amount is variable depending on the modality you choose.

FEAM card

As examples, Ser Amigo del Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza (@museothyssen) costs € 80, € 60 if you are over 65. In the case of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (@MACBA_Barcelona), the average annual fee is € 50 (€ 35 for students and people over 65). Remember that part of these amounts are tax deductible in the income statement.

As FEAM points out, the Friends associations suppose indispensable support for institutions. There are different ways of collaborating, both in their maintenance and in the realization of short and medium-term projects: acquisition of new paintings, organization of exhibitions and other events … In return, the Friends members have interesting advantages established by each museum as unlimited and free access to the different rooms and exhibitions, or participation in workshops, courses, conferences and guided visits.

Currently, the FEAM groups 129 associations of Friends of Museums from all over Spain and their card allows free entry to 28 of them, along with other advantages. To find out if the association in which you are interested belongs to the FEAM or not, you have to consult it on its page Web.