About to make the wardrobe change? Where to take the clothes you no longer need

Despite the fact that the heat will still remain for a few weeks in some parts of the Peninsula, summer is a thing of the past And although we want to take advantage of the good time that we have left, the truth is that the drop in temperatures is already a fact, at least during the nights. Reason why many people already they have made the wardrobe change, saving shorts, sandals and swimsuits, and leaving space for light jackets and closed shoes.

This process also serves to check all your clothes and decide which ones to get rid of, either because of their poor condition, your lack of interest in them or the large amount of clothing that you have at your disposal. In this sense, there are several options available so your clothes don’t just end up in the trash and can do a very different job. What alternatives are we referring to?

Where to take the clothes you no longer need

What can you do with your used clothes?

  • One of the most recurrent is leave your used clothes in the special containers that belong to entities or cooperatives such as Cáritas (@_CARITAS) or Friend Steal (@friend robber). Subsequently, these garments are delivered to needy people or sold in second-hand stores, in order to obtain the salary of the workers who are in charge of selecting and treating these donations and who are at risk of social exclusion.
  • However, you can also go directly to shelters or social entities that accept these types of donations. This is the case of Cáritas, Red Cross (@CruzRojaEsp) or the Humana Foundation (@HumanaSpain). In addition, although many are unaware of this alternative, stores like Zara or H&M They include small containers in their facilities to later donate or recycle used clothing.
  • If the clothes you no longer want are still in perfect condition, you can get extra money selling them in flea markets, second hand stores or through mobile apps that were born with the same purpose as, for example, Wallapop or Vinted. There is even a website, I don’t throw it away, which allows you to simply give them away, thus promoting a more accessible circular economy for all consumers.
  • If you are good at sewing, you can also give them a second life and use them to make other types of garments, such as aprons, ties, bracelets and even decorative objects. Unleash your creativity!

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