800 and 900 telephones: what are they used for and which are free?

Surely on more than one occasion you have called a 900 or derivatives with the fear of knowing how much they will charge you for that call considered ‘special pricing’. Well, then, we are going to give you all the details so that, if you can, avoid calling some of them, and do not be afraid to call others.

800 and 900 phones: either from a mobile phone or a landline, the call is free

The 900 telephones were introduced in Spain in 1992 with the aim that companies could offer a single communication channel to provide information services, customer service and technical assistance free of charge for the customer.

Calls made to these numbers are free for the customer. The companies themselves bear the costs of calls made by their customers to their numbers with the 800/900 prefix.

Calls to these phones do not have a minute limit, you can stay as long as necessary to solve problems at no additional cost.

Recently, the National Stock Market Commission has had to intervene in this type of activity, limiting the cost per minute of calls made via mobile phone to 800 and 900 numbers from 10 cents to 4.21 (cost assumed by the company and totally free for the customer), Since that high price has caused many companies to stop offering that free service for the user, changing to numbers 901 or 902 at cost to the customer.

800 and 900 telephones, what are they used for and which are free?  Photo: bigstock

Other special rate numbers: they have a cost

There are other numbers that do have a cost for the customer and it is important to know them so as not to have any surprises on the invoice.

  • Numbers 901: in this type of number the cost of the call it is divided between the company and the customer.
  • Numbers 902: in this case, the cost of the call is assumed entirely by the client.
  • Numbers 905: are the numbers used primarily for television voting contests and commercial platforms. They have a higher cost than the rest. And there are several categories, the smallest being if after 905 there is a 1 with 0.30 euros per minute. For the rest of the numbers, the cost per minute, and even per second, is higher, even charging the call establishment above the euro.

803 numbers and derivatives

These numbers are considered premium rate phones. They have very high costs. They are mainly used for tarot services, entertainment, leisure, services, etc.

There is no fixed price for calls made to these numbers. However, it is important to know that the higher the third digit of the prefix, the more expensive the call will be.