7 tips to keep the house cool in summer

We are more and more used to air conditioners and we hardly remember when, for example, we traveled by car with the windows down as the only method to combat the heat. In fact, more and more homes have air conditioning systems or ventilation devices because when houses accumulate a lot of heat, it is very difficult for us to be comfortable or carry out any task. So that, If we do not have refrigeration systems in our house or we simply do not like to abuse them, it is advisable to follow a series of tips to keep our home cool.

Good ventilation

The best time to ventilate our house will be first thing in the morning when the temperatures are not very high. It is best to create drafts by opening doors and windows at different ends of the house (better if we put stops on the doors to avoid slamming doors).

Protect the house from heat

Once ventilated, it is about protecting our house from heat during the rest of the day since it is calculated that up to 30% of the accumulated heat comes from the windowsTherefore, using blinds, curtains or awnings can lower the interior temperature by about 6ºC.

To do this, we will leave the windows a little open but the blinds and awnings lowered, and the curtains drawn especially where the direct sun shines. During the night it can also be used to leave the windows open, but then it is advisable to have mosquito nets to prevent unwanted bugs from entering with the breeze.

The bulbs count

If we still do not use led bulbs or energy saving lamps, it is time to consider doing it because conventional light bulbs convert 90% of the energy they consume into heat so they contribute to raising the temperature at home.

Cook cold

The kitchen is one of the points where more heat is generated in the houses so if possible, better organize to cook only in the morning. And great if we avoid using the oven or put the dishwasher at night. On the other hand, chen we cook, always do it with the extractor hood running, because it will help eliminate the hot air that comes from cooking, and with the door closed to keep the rest of the house cool.

Dressing the house for summer

Just as we change the wardrobe with the change of season, we can also do it at home. Thus, with the arrival of the heat better if we save the rugs for the fall. In addition, it is also advisable to use cushion covers for sofas or plaids made of fresh fabrics, avoiding wool or velvet.

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Refresh the soils

Another trick to lower the temperature of our home is lClean the floors if they are ceramic with cold water. This also works in outdoor spaces when it is possible to hose down the patio, terrace or garden.

A cool bed

And finally, we can always refresh our bed with a bottle of ice water (wrapped in a towel). We put it on the pillow, for example, a few minutes before going to bed and it will help us fall asleep.