7 nail signs that reveal a lot about your health

The nails protect the sensitive ends of the fingers and toes from injury, they are a support and help us to pick up small objects or scratch ourselves. That said, while it is true that nails are not essential for human survival, they are a good indicator of health worth paying attention to.

We start from the basis that a healthy nail is pink, smooth and has a white crescent at the base. It is strong and does not break easily. And, although there are bad habits such as abusing enamels, using detergents without gloves or small bumps that can lead to a bad condition of the nails, on many occasions, they can be a symptom that something is not right inside us.

Signs on the nails that something is wrong

1.- When stretch marks appear (a kind of elongated grooves that can be vertical and horizontal) and the surface becomes rough. It is likely that they are due to a simple blow, but when they are very pronounced they can alert us to arthritis or cardiovascular problems (vertical and irregular stretch marks), indicate a lack of vitamins or an adverse reaction to some medication (transverse stretch marks).

two.- Another indicator to consider is if the nails break very easily. It could be due to external factors, such as using cleaning products without protecting the hands or poor quality cosmetics, but if we rule out these possibilities, brittle nails could be caused by anemia due to lack of iron, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal or vascular problems.

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3.- Nails purple or blue nails They can also be a warning sign if the coloration is not due to a bruise from a blow. In this case, it can mean low oxygen levels in the blood and generally poor circulation due to heart or breathing problems.

4.- White spots, or leukonychia, are in most cases a harmless alteration since when the spots are small, they are usually the result of an injury to the nail that heals on its own and usually disappears once the nail has fully grown. So what is often said that it is due to a lack of calcium, is not true. Of course, if the spots are very extensive or yellowishIt is better to consult a doctor because psoriasis or fungi, among others, can cause similar symptoms. In addition, yellowish nails can also be a sign of lymphatic problems, lung disorders or smoking.

5.- In case that nails have a greenish or greenish-bluish hue and, in addition, pain can indicate the presence of bacteria, so the infection should be treated appropriately.

6.- If the alteration implies that the nail has a concave shape (like the hollow of a spoon) and becomes very thin, it may indicate that there is anemia or lack of iron.

7.- On the other hand, when the age of the fingers become thicker at the tip, this leads to the nail enlarging and curving excessively, which may indicate a heart or lung problem that causes less oxygen in the child’s blood. the normal.

Consult with the doctor

Given the most common alterations of the nails, it is highly recommended to check them periodically to detect any anomalies as indicated. And if so, always consult a doctor for timely treatment if necessary.