7 mistakes we make when washing sheets

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Textiles essential for daily hygiene, such as sheets, towels or kitchen towels, can become a source of bacteria and germs if you do not put them frequently in the room. washing machine. However, many times we make mistakes when washing them. On the blog Saving.com, explain which are the most common with bed sheets:

1. Do not wash the sheets when we buy them

The most advisable thing is to wash them when removing them from the plastic to eliminate possible chemical manufacturing residues that can cause skin irritations and to remove the sizing. This wash can be done in cold water, but it is necessary to bring detergent.

2. Not washing them as often as necessary

It is evident that in bed textiles is where dirt accumulates most in the form of mites, bacteria, makeup remains, sweat, hair, saliva, insects and even urine. Faced with such a large number of external agents, it is important to change the sheets every week or, at most, every two weeks. Also the cushions or the pillowcase, and air the mattress and the room well when you do that change of clothes. A frequency that will be higher if there is a sick person sleeping on these sheets or in times of high temperatures.

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3. Don’t check for stains

Before putting the washing machine we must check that there are no stains from body creams, makeup or blood. If we find these types of stains, we must pre-treat them before putting them in the washing machine. Potassium soap works very well with these types of stains.

4. Abusing detergent and fabric softener

This will cause them to lose smoothness and become rough. That is why, from Ahorradoras.com they advise changing the fabric softener for half a cup of bicarbonate, which will deodorize, fix the colors and leave the most intense white. And if the sheets are made of cotton, it is better to wash them with warm water and mild soap.

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5. Mix them with the rest of the laundry

It is better that we wash them by themselves, at a suitable temperature (between 40 and 60 degrees) to eliminate bacteria. Check the label to find out what temperature they hold. If your washing machine has a lot of capacity, you can wash them with the towels, but you have to avoid loading the washing machine too much and leave free space so that they can be washed well.

6. Dry them for a long time in the dryer

This will make them wrinkle and stiff. In addition, it is preferable not to dry them with towels

7. Dry them in the sun

If we dry them in the open air, we must avoid direct exposure to the sun so that they do not lose color or so that they do not yellow. Even direct sun can damage the fabric and cause it to break over time.