5 tips to make clothes smell great

The feeling of putting on freshly washed clothes is very pleasant when it smells clean. But this is not always the case since, Even though it is freshly washed, sometimes its smell is not pleasant at all and we even end up having to wash it again. There are different reasons that can cause clothes to acquire a bad smell even when they are clean, such as leaving them in the washing machine for too long when the program has finished or folding them and storing them without being completely dry. But also, There are other actions or habits that we can carry out to make our clothes smell great.

Frequent washings

Better to avoid having dirty clothes waiting to be washed for too long because the more days we have without washing a garment with a bad smell, the more difficult it will be to get rid of it. So let’s not skimp on washes and run the washing machine as often as necessary. For example, in summer it is normal to have to increase the number of washes because with the heat the clothes acquire the smell of sweat easily.

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Detergent and suitable programs

At the time of washing, it is not worth adding a little more detergent if we see very dirty clothes or that smell very bad. It does not serve to make clothes cleaner since manufacturers already calculate the optimal measure to obtain a good wash. On the contrary, excess soap can be harmful to our clothes, obtaining the opposite effect to that sought. In addition, it is also important to use the correct washing program because one that is too short or at a low temperature may not be useful if the laundry is very dirty or smells very bad.

The washing machine in good condition

The washing machine is the essential tool to get clean clothes with a good smell, so we must also monitor their condition. In this way, If the clothes have a slight musty smell after washing, the washing machine is probably infected with bacteria or mold. We will have to act, doing a deep cleaning of the machine. To do this, it will be enough to program a cycle at maximum temperature so that the heat eliminates all the bacteria.
In addition, between washing and washing, it is preferable not to leave the door of the washing machine closed so that the interior dries well (thus we do not allow bacteria to reproduce).

Essential oils in the wash

Another trick to get clothes to smell good is add a few drops (10 will suffice) of essential oils directly to the washing machine while it is running, better if it is before the last spin. Another option to combat odors is to treat the most difficult stains. We can do it either with vinegar (adding 150 ml to the detergent compartment) or with half a glass of bicarbonate that we can incorporate directly into the drum with the clothes before starting the wash.

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Well cleaned cabinets and drawers

Once we have clean clothes, where we keep them is also important to keep them smelling good. Therefore, we must not forget to frequently clean the cabinets and drawers. Placing scented cloth bags or tea and infusion bags between clothes can add a good smell.

Let’s take advantage of ironing

Ironing clean clothes can not only help us remove wrinkles but is also helpful in fixing the good smell.. In addition, we can spray the clothes with a soft cologne or with an air freshener of our liking before ironing to get a plus of good smell.

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