5 solutions to repair your wooden or parquet floor

No one can deny the warmth that wooden or parquet floors bring to the environment, just as undeniable is that they are delicate pavements that require greater care. As a general rule we will say that, although these floors are varnished it is advisable to apply a very liquid silicone-based wax to protect and make the varnish last longer.

If, however, you are one of those who has scratches in the area of ​​the chairs or armchairs, some areas where the floor looks worn or old and the budget does not give you to change the floor, pay attention that we have some tricks home that can help you.

Remove stripes

Gently rub the line with a scouring pad, avoiding overextending the damaged area; add a pinch of brown shoe polish to the floor wax and mix it well until it takes color. Finally, spread a cloth in that mixture and apply on the part until it covers.

Remove scratches

A preventive measure against scratches are the well-known chamois or protectors that are put on the furniture legs, but if you have arrived late and already have those scratches hide them by scratching them with very fine sandpaper. Remove the resulting dust with a cloth taking care not to cause new scratches and finally, apply a very thin layer of linseed oil.

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The most natural stain remover

As always, vinegar comes to our aid. It is an excellent stain protectoryes, wipe the mop moistened with vinegar over the walking areas where the parquet is stained more frequently and you will see how the vinegar will avoid it to a great extent.

Garlic, the remedy for the daring

Fill in the scratch or scratch in the ground by rubbing a clove of garlic; let it dry and pass a fine sandpaper to remove the excess. It is an effective remedy, but you have to get along with this food and its smell.

Creaking floors

Wood and parquet have another enemy, besides scratches, sometimes they make noises or creak when we step on them. We give you a very simple solution: sprinkle the joints with talcum powder; With a brush or broom, help it to penetrate well and finish by jumping over the board or wood you are treating so that they are introduced to the last corner. Ready, no longer creaks!