5 keys to sleep peacefully and at once

Getting an adequate number of hours sleep and quality provides us with multiple benefits such as helping the brain to be rested, strengthening the immune system and neural connections or protecting the heart, among others. But sometimes we have a hard time falling asleep or during the night we often wake up for no apparent reason.

There are a series of guidelines that we can follow that do not involve great efforts but that can be very effective to sleep peacefully and at once.

1.- No mobile phones or tablets two hours before sleeping

The reflection of light on the eyeball generated by the use of screens inhibits the production of the hormone melatonin, responsible for regulating sleep. Therefore, if we are in front of a screen just before getting into bed, it is normal that it costs us more to sleep, and that the effectiveness of our sleep decreases and our tiredness and fatigue increase. Therefore, not using electronic devices before sleeping is the best option.

2.- Do not spend with dinner

Going to sleep with a full stomach does not benefit us to get to sleep. Ideally, we should eat two hours before going to sleep and, in addition, it should be a small amount, so that the body can digest it before going to bed.

3.- Active during the day

It is important that we move and exercise, appropriate to our physical condition, on a regular basis because it will benefit us to better sleep at night. But be careful if we exercise the last hours of the day because we can obtain the totally opposite effect to the one we are looking for: our body can become too activated, which can cause problems falling asleep.

4.- A classic: better avoid coffee

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If we have problems sleeping, and even if it is obvious, we must avoid drinking coffee, especially during the afternoon, since it takes the body between 7 and 8 hours to eliminate caffeine. In the same way, we must also avoid tea since it contains theine that, although it is softer than caffeine, lasts longer over time. For this reason, if it is difficult for us to fall asleep, it is better to limit the intake of coffee or tea to 2 cups a day and preferably before first thing in the afternoon.

5.- Prepare to go to sleep

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It is important to establish some habits before getting into bed that allow us to relax. Each of us must choose what can help us to achieve this: a relaxing shower, listening to music, reading or meditating until the moment of turning off the light, in this way, we will allow our body to disconnect from the worries or concerns that may prevent us from achieving a deep sleep .

On the other hand, in terms of habits, it is also important to create a sleep routine: always go to sleep at the same time and also wake up at a fixed time in the morning.

6.- An environment suitable for sleeping

Not only is it important that we have the right mattress or a comfortable cushion, but it is also necessary that we create an environment suitable for sleeping (without noise during sleep). Therefore, avoid having the television or radio on, in addition to closing the doors and blinds to have a space in which there are no external stimuli that prevent us from sleeping.