5 different types of yoga and which of them is ideal for you

The fame of yoga has grown in recent years, and although we think of an exercise with smooth and relaxed movements, it is an ancient discipline that seeks a connection between the body and the mind. Thousands of years and millions of people who by practice have been learning the benefits of this technique and for which they have been modifying their method to enhance them or perform them in a different way.

Over the years, yoga has lost its spiritual facet and has focused on the stress reduction and physical well-being. Therefore, it is not surprising that yoga can be easily consumed in gyms, offices, or the internet.

For all this there are several yoga modalities. Of the hundreds of variants, we bring you the most popular:

Hatha yoga

If your relationship with yoga is limited to the classes you give in the gym, Hatha is surely the modality you practice. It is a type of physical yoga based on the postures or asanas. It combines the physical part with breathing (and originally with meditation). In specialized yoga centers they do take this last element into account. Its success is that it can be practiced by everyone, regardless of their flexibility.

Senior yoga

Bikram Yoga

It is a variant of Hatha Yoga with the characteristic that it is practiced in warm rooms, usually about 40 degrees. Bikram consists of a series of 26 poses that are performed in a specific sequence, in addition to including breathing exercises. This temperature characteristic causes it to be confused with Hot Yoga, for its part, it has more variety of postures and they are not practiced in a specific order. The idea of ​​heat is that in this way the muscles stretch better, but it is not recommended if we have low tension or we cannot stand the heat.

Ashtanga Yoga

It is one of the most popular and focuses a lot on the physical part of yoga . In this mode, the postures and movements are very fluid but fast, and are closely linked to breathing. Being the order of the postures already predefined. It is much more vigorous than Hatha and is not made for everyone. In addition, the order of the poses is predefined.

Not recommended for beginners due to at your own pace as many postures already require a lot of strength to perform.

Aerial Yoga

It is one of the last modalities to become popular. The reason? It is practiced suspended in the air. To do this, it is helped by a hanging cloth which surrounds the body. The fabric, apparently, makes it easier for us to hold our postures for longer.

aero yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

It is the one that gives more importance to the breath since all the movements are carried out together with inhalations, exhalations or the retention of air. In this way the body is oxygenated and helps to relax. Anyone can practice it, respecting the limitations that your body puts on you.