3 alternatives to Skype to have a virtual meeting at home

They were almost essential in any economic activity But, now, the quarantine imposed by the current health emergency, has made the new technologies have become the absolute protagonists of our day to day. Mobile phones and computers have become essential for teleworking and when trying to carry out any management without leaving home.

In addition, they are our window to the outside world, a way to get closer to the reality that exists beyond confinement. And, if all this was not enough, these devices are now ours. most valuable means of communication, allowing we receive news from our loved ones and let us feel your support in these difficult days.

Alternatives to Skype for making video calls

Mobile applications as a means of communication

Grandparents and grandchildren who play from a distance, comment on series and movies in real time or meet with friends to share optimism and good humor, all these moments are still possible, although there is no physical contact. Psychologists and experts remember the importance of not isolating ourselves further, especially in the case of older people who live alone. Talking, looking at each other’s faces, helps keep your spirits up in difficult times.

Internet and the new video call programs They allow you to hold meetings in a simple way, making a screen become something much more valuable than a mere work instrument. Skype (@Skype) from Microsoft continues to be one of the most used platforms as a means of contact. Millions of people around the world use it to chat or make audio and video calls, as works from any device: phone, computer or tablet. However, along with this popular tool, others have emerged that may also be interesting, especially for its ease of use. Write down their names!

Alternatives to Skype for making video calls

Alternatives to Skype

There are many applications that we have at our fingertips to be able to meet with our family and friends. Some are intended for professionals, such as Microsoft Teams, a true virtual workplace, also suitable, for example, for teachers who want to give shared classes in the educational field. Others are more suitable to make a video call to a single person or to organize a pleasant group meeting, where virtual kisses and hugs are not lacking. Among the simplest, which one can we turn to to become the perfect host for a pleasant evening?

Google Hangouts

Its success lies in the fact that it is one of the simplest options on the market, since no need to download or install any software, and also not register. One address is enough to call or join a meeting, which can be held directly from the Web Google Hangounts or through the existing application for Android or iOS mobiles. The only requirement to make a video call, which brings together up to 25 people, is have a Google account. In addition, our browser has to be compatible with the system. Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox are.

Once inside the platform, you have to give the data of our account and verify that the microphone and camera are working properly. Next, we will have to choose from our contact list to people who want to join the video call. If we do not have those contacts, when we click on the screen, the system will give us the option so that we can enter the email of the person we want to join the virtual meeting.

Once done, to the recipient (must also have a Google account) you will get a link so you can join the group, simply by clicking on it. The split screen It will allow us all to see each other without problems.


It is one of the solutions most valued by users, for the level of security it offers and also for its image quality. It is being used both in the workplace and personally with friends and family. Its basic version is free, although it also has different services, designed for companies, which involve a certain cost.

In addition to video calls, Zoom (@zoom_us) allows you to write messages immediately and share files in the cloud. To use it, you need to access the Web official, from where we can, following a few simple instructions, register and start using it, or download the application for iPhone or Android.


Jitsi Meet (@jitsinews) is a new platform that has increased in popularity in 2020. It is really simple to use and does not require specific software or prior registration to start making video calls, with image quality and security in the exchange of information. It is totally free and it is valid both for calls between two only people, as well as for meetings with more than 100 users if it is a professional meeting.

It offers shared screen and the possibility of Sending messages. We can use it by directly accessing your Web or by downloading the applications for mobile devices. With the help of your calendar we can also schedule our meetings In advance.