15 basic utensils for cleaning the home

A young (or not so much) that can finally leave the nest and finds himself before the list of things you need to be able to clean and, of course, ask the voice of experience. A young girl (or not so much) that these days of thorough cleaning for virus removalCall the one who knows he knows … What would you say? Surely today you would advise him to get a robot vacuum cleaner with dance name or failing that, the best products or utensils on the market or directly someone who would do the cleaning of our house for us.

But if this is not the case, be careful because We make the list for you so you can share it. Keeping the space clean and safe does not need large, sophisticated, or expensive devices but, quite the contrary, small, inexpensive and very simple to use are more than enough. Of course, we do not have the recipe for them to move alone!

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Let’s go with these classics:

  • Rubber gloves: they have always been necessary for health and safety, safety and health. In these times of viral protagonism, much more. Its use is advisable because avoids direct contact with products that can be abrasive, but also protects from possible contagions in some sensitive areas of the house, such as bathrooms. And why not point it out: they favor well-groomed and beautiful hands.
  • Broom and dustpan: they are the most traditional utensils for quickly remove daily dirt from the floor of our house. In the market there are different forms and materials of both brooms and dustpan, but all have affordable prices for any pocket.
  • Mop and mop bucket: our made in spain more international. This Spanish invention is one of the most common utensils in homes and one of the ones that has best taken over time, Well, although there are different types of sticks, mops and buckets, it is still irreplaceable to leave floors clean and shiny.
  • Cloths: There is also a wide variety of types, sizes, colors, textures and brands. But in the end the important thing is that it fulfills the purpose of being able to clean with water without soaking the surface too much or collecting and drying excess water or areas previously washed with plenty of water, since its main characteristic is to be absorbent.
  • Scourers: in this case the color does matter, since they usually represent the hardness of the material. Used to eliminate more encrusted dirtIf we do not use the appropriate one, we run the risk of scratching the surface.
  • Sponges: This soft scourer cousin is your alternative. Many of them are used to clean glassware or more delicate surfaces. Some, in addition, are presented with the double possibility and have a sponge and scourer, as well as a shape that favors the protection of the nails during use.
  • Absorbent paper: it has become a star cleaning product. The same for drying, or for picking up some «occasional trash», as a substitute for napkins or to wrap a snack … and especially in cases where you have to act quickly, there is the absorbent paper.
  • Dust cloths: another classic that does not go out of style and that it has been reinventing itself. From the disposable ones to those that come in the shape of a glove to facilitate their passage through surfaces.
  • Cotton rags: essential for cleaning the house both to remove dirt and to dry and polish surfaces. The mesh ones are very good at removing stubborn dirt.

This cleaning kit can be completed with other utensils that will help you in more specific cases:

  • Chamois: if you want to apply certain preparations on a surface.
  • Feather dusters: to remove dust from the most inaccessible or delicate areas.
  • Brushes– Clothes, stiff bristles or even teeth can be useful for cleaning dry dirt or for applying and spreading products on surfaces.
  • Scrapers or sandpaper: some sandpaper is used to recover scratched or damaged surfaces such as a marble countertop or a clay floor. Scrapers, for example, are very useful for scraping dirt from delicate areas such as ceramic hobs.

You are ready to keep your home clean! And while you wait for the arrival of a robot to help you, you can always dance a rumba!

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