10 ways to kill dust mites

The house dust it is the main cause of allergies in the interior of the houses. But contrary to what we might suppose, the presence of dust mites has nothing to do with whether our house is more or less clean. The greater or lesser presence of furniture and its characteristics and state of conservation, as well as the comfort gained in homes in recent decades, which makes us keep the interior temperature warmer and more constant, have a lot to do with the presence of these parasites. found in homes throughout the year, and especially in those with humidity problems. For this reason, mites have a greater presence in the areas closest to the coast, since the environmental conditions that favor their appearance are those that combine temperatures between 25º C and 35º C and humidity between 50 and 75%.

Thus, the mites are mainly concentrated on mattresses and pillows, but also on upholstered or soft furniture, carpets, sofas, curtains or stuffed animals. All these elements retain moisture, so it is on these micro-habitats where we should focus if we want to combat this type of arachnid that causes allergies, whose symptoms are usually respiratory, such as asthma and rhinitis.

But there is another added problem: most mites are invisible to the human eye. Those for household dust measure between 0.2 and 0.5 mm. So what can we do to end them? Try these tips:

1.- Get rid of rugs, curtains and all objects that collect too much dust.

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2.- Run the vacuum cleaner over the mattress at least once a month and put it in the sun for a few minutes a couple of times a year. There are special anti-mite vacuum cleaners on the market.

3.- Use anti-mite covers on the mattress and pillow.

4.- Regularly wash more than 50ºC sheets and blankets.

5.- Better not to have carpets, but if you have them, clean it often, just like your sofa.

6.- Use acaricides (They are like insecticides and you can find them in supermarkets) and air filters to retain allergens from mites.

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7.- Try to control the humidity in your house. This is easier said than done, especially if you live in humid areas, since it is recommended to keep the humidity below 50% to reduce the presence of these parasites. In any case, try using a dehumidifier to try (you will also find them in supermarkets and large stores).

8.- Ventilate the house. We have already seen that a warm environment is the perfect breeding ground for house dust mites, so ventilating your home well will help prevent them from proliferating.

9.- Clean the dust with damp rags (dusters forbidden). You will avoid raising dust and mites getting into the air.

10.- Check and clean the filters and air grids conditioning and heating. These filters are usually a source of bacteria and mites.