10 reasons why it is better to have a cat than a dog

When we decide to have a pet for keep us companyIf we have not already decided, we may wonder if it is better to live with a dog or a cat. Even perhaps the first idea is to have a dog, which is why it is a very common animal in Spanish homes, but the truth is that it is not. Birds occupy the first position in domestic species ahead of dogs and cats. However, in this case, we stop at the last to know some compelling arguments why it is better to choose a cute kitten».

On the occasion of the celebration on February 20 of the International Cat Day, we pay our particular tribute to this pet, highlighting its benefits with respect to the one who has always been called the great friend of man.

We don’t have to take it out multiple times a day

If we had a dog we would have to go down with him to the street between two and three times a day. That is, in the morning before our obligations, with the laziness that it can give in the middle of winter; at noon, in a hurry if we don’t have much time, and in the evening. Moments in which the dog not only does his business, but also runs around, plays with other dogs and breathes some fresh air. Instead, cats always stay home.

It is a very clean pet

Also, cats are animals that care a lot about always be perfect. They alone go to their litter box to relieve themselves. The only thing we have to do is have said surface in a good state of maintenance and change it after a few days, when it is too wet with urine.

All this part of their good reputation as scrupulous pets with their hygiene. This is why most veterinarians do not recommend bathing a feline, despite the fact that in specialized stores we find special products, since they lick themselves and they wash with their paws.

There’s still more, they do not produce bad odorsThey are more careful when eating and do not bring dirt tangled in their fur after a walk on the street, since in most cases they are domestic cats that, at most, will go out to the balcony.

10 reasons why it is better to have a cat than a dog

Can be lonely all day (even longer)

In relation to the previous point and if we are people with a busy social agenda, it is best that we do not adopt a dog. Besides that it is essential to take it out on the street, it cannot be there all day locked inside a house.

The opposite of a cat. If you have your space clean, your sand, your food, your water, and a soft corner on the couch where you can sleep in the sun, you don’t need anything else to be happy. Something very comfortable and that even allows us to go a couple of nights without any problem, since nothing will happen to it.

Of course, if our absence is going to last more than a weekend, it is better that we take our feline with us or that let’s order a person let him come for a while every day to spend a little time with him. A time that you can take advantage of to clean your needs and fill the feeder and drinker.

Is more independent

If we are quiet people who like calm and that there is not much noise at home, the best is a cat. The reason? They tend to behave very well (not that dogs are more thugs) and they are of a very calm character. As if that were not enough, being so independent and cautious we will hardly realize that they are at home.

It does not involve as much expense as dogs

In the case of dogs, the expenditure on food is higher (in most cases and, especially, if it is a large breed), as well as the treatments at the veterinarian. If it is a cat, they eat much less, although more frequently throughout the day and night, and if there are no health complications they only need one vaccine a year that will not exceed 30 or 40 euros.

Barely makes noise

If a dog is not polite from a young age and barks non-stop, especially at night, the next door neighbor may not be very amused. But if it is a cat we will hardly hear it, not even when he walks around our home in the dark, since he is very stealthy. Only at specific times can he meow, not as much as a bark, but it is something that is due to the fact that he is alone, has a health problem or is a female that is in heat.

This is also an advantage, since you do not have to be aware of him at all times or think if he will be doing some mischief or biting on a cable or a slipper that you shouldn’t. Although, yes, that does not mean that all dogs are troublemakers or tend to break things at home.

10 reasons why it is better to have a cat than a dog

It adapts to any house and circumstance

It does not matter if our home has three floors or if it is a small apartment without a terrace and does not reach 40 square meters. For a feline it is not a problem. Unlike other pets, especially if they are of a large breed. And it is that no matter what size a dog has, it will always be much better in a House in the countryside with exit to the outside that all day in an urban apartment.

It is rare that it is lost

It is something they share with dogs, their intelligence when it comes to knowing how to return home and not get lost. However, cats can spend the whole night roaming the rooftops and terraces of the neighborhood (or even disappear for a couple of days), but in the end they will always appear at the most unexpected moment when they are hungry. Furthermore, they are more agile animals, so they can go anywhere or even hide if there is danger.

It is easier and more comfortable when traveling

In the event that we go to the town for a few days on vacation and we want to take our pet with us, it is easier due to its dimensions. It we will get into it carrier to make a safe journey and go. Something that we can also do if it is a small dog. Things get complicated, especially if we want to use public transport, when we have an animal that is too large.

It is good for our health

Share healthy benefits with dogs in relation to their owners; However, there is a characteristic trait of cats and it is the purr what they do. According to studies by Scientific American (@sciam), the peculiar sound they emit helps reduce our stress, in addition to normalizing blood pressure. Thus, just by scratching their heads we will be making a habit of the simplest and healthiest.