10 hoaxes about Mercadona that you should not believe

The supermarket chain chaired by Juan Roig, Mercadona (@Mercadona), which has more than 1,600 stores throughout the entire national territory, it is object of a lot of hoaxes. Consumers are surprised from time to time with information related to this chain, which they then have to deny, or simply surround themselves with rumors that are not entirely true. These are some of the false beliefs, incorrect news, fake news or hoaxes that surround these supermarkets.

Bad for health cosmetic creams

Deliplus is the cosmetic brand that Mercadona recommends for personal care and that includes various hygiene and beauty products. It has numerous quality articles at a very competitive price, however from time to time messages appear through Social Networks that some of their creams have carcinogenic compounds.

In this regard, the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps @AEMPSGOB), has already taken care of spread a statement in which it said that the beauty creams sold in this supermarket were safe. Specifically, it was said that a series of cosmetics had been withdrawn from Deliplus and Solcare, but the Aemps denied it.

The harmful effects of turkey breast

Although in the previous case it was a beauty article, this time the affected product is the turkey breast from the Hacendado brand, which is that of the supermarket chain. Here the hoax spread through Facebook, where the news spread that it had a series of ingredients harmful to health. Besides being high in sugar and dextrose, it contained other harmful additives.

Although it is a processed process, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU @consumers) gives you an acceptable score. Food experts have already indicated that this type of prepared food has additives and regulated substances.


Gum not recommended

This is a similar situation to the previous one, as this false news spread again through a Facebook group called The union’s force, in which it began to say that Hacendado’s chewing gums contained substances bad for health.

As always, he mentioned additives such as titanium oxide, aspartame, acesulfame, or sucralose. She was an expert pharmacist in food safety, Gemma del Caño (@farmagemma), who in his twitter account assured that nothing of what was said in that information was true.

Harmful mayonnaise

Again a product that received several reviews through Facebook. In this case it was mentioned that had ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, a compound that prevents the absorption of iron and causes slight blood loss in the urine. However, experts assure that for these to happen, very high amounts of it have been consumed, and this is something that does not happen due to the consumption of mayonnaise in the diet.

Hamburgers with suspicious coloring

Hoax spread again on Facebook in which it was clarified that the chain’s hamburgers contained the dye E-120, that comes from insects of the cochineal family, in addition to substances such as aluminum, ammonia or calcium. According to the post published in said social network, this element could cause allergic reactions and asthma, in addition to pointing out that in rodents it has been verified that it reduces development and growth.

An expert in food safety denied that this was the case, and clarified that it has already been proven that there is no direct relationship between the use of this dye and behavioral alterations.

Magrudis products

Magrudis was the company that sold a series of foods that caused the largest outbreak of listeriosis, an infection caused by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, In our country. The false news was spread through Twitter and WhatsApp, but then Mercadona indicated through the social network that in its supermarkets there was no “Mechá brand meat”, which was marketed by Magrudis Sevilla, nor that they had a relationship with the supplier. that supplies it.

75 euro gift for birthday

The hoax that the supermarket gave away 75 euros if it was your birthday was spread through WhatsApp. This is a digital hoax of which the police already notified in its day. It is cybercrime through which it is intended that people bite and thus obtain their data in an illicit way to commit crimes with them.


Discount coupons

In tune with the previous example sometimes clients they receive a survey by WhatsApp about some of their products. In exchange for answering it, a series of discount coupons are offered. However, this is false, since the company has clarified that it does not do this type of survey or that it gives discount coupons. What is intended with this action is stealing data.

Many of its products do not come from Spain

Although it is true that some of the articles are not from our country, their philosophy is precisely buy from Spanish suppliers. According to data from the company itself, it buys 18,640 million euros a year in Spain, more than 85% of the total.

The direct and indirect impact that “generates a boost that affects the activity of the areas in which it is present and translates into the creation of industry, services and employment; in the generation of wealth and in the consolidation of local economies ”, they assert from the chain.

It is more economical

This is a false belief regarding this supermarket, as it is deduced from the last report on the matter of the OCU. It is true that if we focus on the large chains with more extensive national implantation, the two big savings are Alcampo and Mercadona. «Alcampo has managed to be the cheapest chain in 31 cities, and Mercadona in 16. Together, both maintain a good price level, but in some areas of Spain there are regional chains that defend themselves very well.»

Thus local strings cheaper are Dani and Vidal, while in regional chains, they are Tifer and Family. You enter the national ones, Alcampo and Supecor, they turn out to be the ones with the best price level.