10 curiosities that you probably did not know about your cat

There is still plenty of time to celebrate the day most awaited by all lovers of this pet. On August 8 of each year the International Cat Day. A funny pet, with character and very curious, as the well-known saying goes. Today we discover some of the traits of his personality that, perhaps, you did not know.

They are not very sweet

Cats don’t pick up on sweet flavors, so don’t go out of your way to indulge in that flavor. You won’t even notice.

So clean they hardly sweat

You will never see your cat sweat down his body. They are clean and fine even for that. But yes that they sweat, from their paws. And how do they cool off on hot days? They gasp and lick their skin.

A whole world on your nose

Their nostrils have 19 million nerve endings, 14 million more than we have. This explains why not a single smell escapes their curiosity.

The whiskers of cats

Not only are they part of their anatomy, but they use their whiskers as a spatial indicator. Thanks to them they can measure the distance they are, for example, from an object and be able to orient themselves in that space.

Does your cat not obey you?

Perhaps the answer is if you are a man. Cats respond better to women since perceive high-pitched sounds better.

A brain more complex than that of dogs

In an intelligence battle between your dog and your cat, we bet that the feline will win. Its brain, despite its size, has 300 million neurons, almost twice that of a dog. It seems a lie, but we share with the cat practically the 90% of our human brain, so their cognitive capacity and ours are not very different in this regard.

You don’t want their routines to change

They are animals of fixed customs and they are not going to change what they repeat day by day in a ceremonious way. You will notice, for example, that before changes in habitat, you may experience some symptoms of feeling unwell, loss of appetite or that you relieve yourself outside your box when you have never done so before.

What is the ‘flehmen’?

It is a curious expression on the cat’s face when we see that it is left with the mouth open after sniffing something. A reflection with which they manage to attract a large amount of information from all the smells that surround them.

Great jumpers

These cats have the ability to jump up to seven times higher than we could.

Some real sleepers

In a dream competition between a baby of a few months and a cat, we will not know who would win. Or maybe yes. Cats sleep from 16 to 18 hours a day and, despite everything, they are always alert and wake up to any stimulus.